Copper Sulfate Water Test Strips


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Copper Sulfate Water Test Strips can be used to evaluate the amount of sulphate in drinking water, industrial waste, and wastewater. Sulfate is a naturally occuring chemical in drinking water.

  • Pack Quantity: 20 Test Strips
  • Water Test Strips Instruction Sheet
  • Test Kit Test Comparison Chartl

Consumption of excessive sulphate in water can have a laxative effect; this is a worry for health since severe instances might result in dehydration. Sulfate is classed as a secondary pollutant due to its aesthetic impacts (taste and odour).

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Scale building in water pipes is caused by sulfate minerals, such as Calcium Sulfate. Sulfate-containing water has a "bitter" flavour and may be detrimental to plumbing, particularly copper pipe.


  1. 20 x Copper Sulfate Water Test Stripss
  2. Test Kit Instruction Sheet
  3. Test Kit Test Comparison Chart

Store this test kit in a cool, dry place. Exposure to sunlight and moisture will degrade the test pads. For more information on our Drinking Water Copper Test Kit, please refer to our FAQ's page. Test Kit FAQ's

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