Bromine Test Kit

Bromine in water or Bromide is a heavy red-brown, corrosive and reactive substance that is found in sea water and exists as the bromide ion level of about 65 mg per liter. Bromine is normally used as a disinfectant in cooling towers, swimming pools and spas and can be detected by using a Bromine Test Kit. Our 14 in 1 Water Test Kits detect bromine from 1 mg/L to 20 mg/L.

Bromine Test Kits

Bromine Drinking Water Treatment

If it has been determined that bromine has contaminated drinking water is not a good thing as it is a corrosive substance. Drinking of water with any reading of bromine is not recommended. Test your water with Bromine Test Kit and contact your council or water specialist for more support.

The most common way to treat drinking water with a bromine reading is a Reverse Osmosis water filtration system which can remove 90 - 95% of the compound. Since bromine acts as a disinfectant it can also be removed with activated carbon, ultrafiltration, or electrodialysis.

Bromine (Bromide) in Swimming Pools

Bromine in water  is a less volatile but more expensive alternative to chlorine that is widely used as a disinfectant in swimming pools and also most commonly used in spas and hot tubs as it tends to react slowly compared to chlorine. Its more stable and less affected by hot water. Because it’s a stable substance it’s not as easy to wash off compared with chlorine.

Like any other disinfectant, high levels of bromine can be hazardous to your health and can cause eye irritation. Daily monitoring  with a Bromine Test Kit helps to determine the levels of bromine in your pool or spa helping to prevent damage of your equipment while providing a safer environment.

Bromine can cost more than chlorine but it does a better job of killing algae, bacteria and other viruses for a much longer time, especially in warm water environments.

Lowering Bromine Levels

Bromine quickly evaporates from pools and spas especially when the water is exposed to sunlight do the easiest way to lower your bromine levels is to simply wait for it to evaporate. If you have a spa simply leave it uncovered and run the circulation pump to speed up the process. You can also choose to dilute your water to lower the bromine concentration. Once you have lowered your levels test again with a Bromine Test Kit.