Lead Test Kits

Lead Test Kits are a must if you are concerned about lead in your drinking water. They are designed to assist in determining the if your water is safe to drink. The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines suggests that the safe level of lead fit for consumption as 0.01 mg per liter. The figure was recently lowered from 0.05 mg per liter.

Water Lead Test Kits

Lead Plumbing Water Lead Test Kits

Up until the late 30's,  lead pips were widely used to carry water into to houses and soldering iron was widely used until 1989 to join pipes. In older inner city suburbs high amounts of lead may be present mostly in Melbourne and Sydney.

Local water boards are responsible for pipes that run from the main supply to the water meter but from the meter to the tap it is the responsibility of the householder which in most cases have not given this a second thought.

Lead from plumbing can leach into your drinking water, washing and cooking. This toxic contaminant in extremely low levels is linked to learning disabilities, kidney damage and muscle disorders.

In Australia blood levels of lead greater than 5 micro-grams per deciliter suggests that the person has been exposed to a lead level above acceptable levels. Exposure above standards  also is linked to high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries and coronary heart disease.

Recent advice provided by the Environmental Health Standing Committee warns householders who are at risk of lead contamination to run tap water for thirty seconds before using for drinking purposes. This flushes out or dilutes any lead contamination or drinking water.

To test the level of lead your drinking water, we suggest using the Drinking Water Lead Test Kit which will detect lead in extremely low levels starting from 0.005mg/L to 0.050 mg/L.

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