Fluoride Test Kits

Fluoride Test Kits assist in determining the level of fluoride in your drinking water. Testing water fluoride levels is a common practice in situations where fluoride has been added to rain water tanks or where city water is suspected as being over fluoridated.

Fluoride Test Kits

Water with fluoride in its natural form is not harmful as it occurs naturally in plants and rocks. Additionally you will find that low levels of fluoride found in almost all fresh water reserves and is actually beneficial to our health.

Fluoride & Oral Health

Since the 1953 Australian water boards introduced concentrated levels of fluoride into our drinking water. Fluoridated water along with a healthy diet can prevent dental decay and improve your health.

Research done in four Australian states shows that fluoridation of our drinking water has reduced tooth decay in children between the ages of 5 and 6 by 50% compared with children not exposed to fluoridated water. Children between the ages of 12 and 13 found a reduction of more than 38% of decay in their adulthood.

Studies composed by the Immunology & Respiratory Medicines laboratory at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital shows that "at optimum levels" 1mg/L there is no evidence that fluoridation of our drinking water affects our health. For more than 25 years there have not been any reports of allergy symptoms related to fluoride at 1 mg/L. Furthermore Kidney Health Australia suggests that there is no evidence that drinking water with optimum levels of fluoride has any risks to patients with kidney disease.

Fluoride Delivery

Through the means of water treatment plants, controlled amounts of sodium fluoride, sodium fluorosilicate and fluorosilicic acid compounds are injected into more than 70% of drinking water in all states and territories across Australia. Optimal levels are monitored through to the end user using Fluoride Test Kits to ensure that it complies with Australian drinking guidelines "Safe Drinking Water Act 2003". In addition guidelines recommend that a maximum of 1.5mg/L is considered as safe.

Is It Really Safe?

The compounds used to fluoridate our drinking water, fluorosilicic acid, sodium silicofluoride and sodium fluoride are artificial compounds. The Centre for Disease Control & Prevention argues that 0.7mg/L is sufficient for maintaining oral health. Over exposure of these compounds can cause brain and thyroid related illnesses including behavioural problems such as autism & ADHD.

The Nutrient Reference Values advise that an adult male should drink 2.6 litres of water per day (3.9mg/L of fluoride). Adult women should drink 2.1 litres per day (3.15 mg/L of fluoride). So if you are an adult male weighing less than half the average weight does this mean that you are over exposed to fluoride? Does this mean that drinking 2 times the average per day will over expose you to fluoride over exposure?

Health experts recommended reducing fluoride intake as we have more sources of fluoride than we did in the 1960's. These include toothpastes, mouth rinses and flosses, processed beverages and foods, tea drinks, Fluorinated Pharmaceuticals and Teflon pans.

What Level of fluoridation is Safe?

The Department of Allergy, Immunology & Respiratory Medicine at the Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital suggests that there is no clear evidence that fluoridation of our drinking water at 1mg/L or 1ppm problems with human health. Their research into fluoridation of drinking water during the last 25 years shows that there has never been a case, in Australia or the UK where a patient has been treated for any allergies or illness due to safe levels of fluoride in our water.

The chart below is taken from our Heavy Metals Test Kit which has been designed to meet the Australian Drinking Guidelines for Fluoride in drinking water.

Fluoride Test Kit Parameters

Fluoride Test Kit Parameters

Fluoride in Rain Water Tanks

Rainwater collected in water tanks does not contain fluoride. Australian water bodies don't suggest adding fluoride as it is can be difficult to maintain the correct dosages. Many people choose to ignore this by adding fluoride tablets or drops to their tanks. Although this does fluoridate tank water it can also be detrimental to human health. Under estimating the volume of water in a tank can result in over dosage causing excessive fluoride exposure. Testing before and after treatment with Fluoride Test Kits helps to determine the correct dosage to use.

Over Exposed to Fluoride?

You can remove chemicals by using a water purification systems and Fluoride is a difficult chemical to remove. You can successfully remove Fluoride by using a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System. If you find that your drinking water is over exposed to fluoride, contact your water supplier or specialist water body.

Purchase Fluoride Test KitTesting Water with Fluoride Test Kits

Finally testing your drinking water with a Fluoride Test Kit helps to monitor your fluoride level. You can test your water by dipping a test strip into your drinking water for a few seconds. Remove from water and wait for 60 seconds and compare with test chart on the rear of packaging.

For more information on the fluoridation of Australian water, visit the Department of Health website in your state. Fluoridation of Drinking Water