Importance of Checking Water for E coli

Importance of E. coli Water Test Kits | During the period of November 2017 to June 2018, five people died and several fell sick after eating lettuce that was contaminated by E. coli. The origin of the lettuce happened to be the Central Coastal region of California. Though things were brought under control this is just one of the example which shows how the harmful strain of E. coli bacterium can cause such a life-threatening impact.

E. coli Water Test Kits

E. coli Water Test Kits

Late October 2018, Logan Queensland, more than 1000 residents were advised that all drinking water should be boiled before consumption following the detection of E. coli in their local water supply.

Are all E. coli bacterium harmful?

Escherichia coli bacterium or E. coli as it is known by resides within the intestines of animals and humans and are normally harmless. However, one of its strains called the O157:H7 is dangerous and can grievously harm humans causing intense abdominal cramps, vomiting and bloody diarrhea. A very small dose of the E.coli strain is enough to cause infection in individuals or kill.

The infection is passed through contaminated water as waters of rivers, lakes or ground water get polluted with human or animal feces. Though public water distribution systems treat water with substances like chlorine etc. sometimes it is not sufficient to eliminate the bacterium. Foods like raw veggies and fruits, ground meat and unpasteurised milk are another source for contamination.

What is the need for E. coli testing and when it is to be done?

You cannot determine the safety of your water through its look, smell or taste. It has to be tested for the presence of life threatening organisms through any of the varied measures available for the purpose. Testing the drinking water source for presence of bacteria once or more often if there is a known problem is being recommended. Ideal times for testing are early months of summer or end of spring as the oncoming wet weather is the time when this bacterium shows its presence. The fundamental test for ascertaining bacterial contamination of water is done by testing for total coliform bacteria as the results offer an overall indication of the water quality with regard to presence of pathogens.

What E. coli water test kits to adopt?

The do-it-yourself E. coli water test kits are useful in this regard. The indication for bacterial contamination is given if the media changes to blue-green colour. Water sample can also be given to professionally certified laboratories if extensive testing is required. Certain care has to be adopted while collecting the water sample.

  • Use warm water and soap to wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Collect sample from cold water tap and gather the sample only when the water has run for about a couple of minutes.
  • Bring the bottle close to the tap’s base and ensure that the bottle is not overfilled.
  • Tighten the cap of the bottle securely.
  • Fulfill the required labeling formalities.

Action in case of positive test results

Informing the relevant authorities about E. coli water contamination is the first step in case the water test kits show positive results. Alongside it is essential to begin a through boiling of drinking as well as cooking water for a minute or so before use.

On a Concluding Note

An E. coli infection can prove fatal in some cases. So, be alert to any information that is disseminated by media or government authorities in the context of E. coli outbreak. You can be better prepared to tackle the outbreak in such cases.

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