Bore Water Test Kit


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Keep your on top of your water quality with the Allora Water Test Kit Strips, easy to use, single dip test strips. Get test results within 60 seconds and we includes 23 parameters.

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  • Test Quantity: 10 Tests
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Healthy water starts with crystal clear water. Keep your Bore Water with the 23 in 1 Bore Water Test Kit. Easy to use, single dip water quality test strips which includes 23 parameters in a single test. This kit includes 20 test strips which is suitable for 10 tests.

Test your Bore, Well and Dam water in less than 60 seconds without having to mix messy chemicals. Our water test kit strips parameters include the following;

1. Copper

2. Iron

3. Hg Mercury

4. Lead

5. Chromium/Cr

6. Zinc

7. Manganese

8. Fluoride

9. Aluminum

10. Calcium

11. Potassium permanganate

12. pH

13. Total alkalinity

14. Hardness

15. Cyanuric acid

16. Bromine

17. Free Chlorine

18. Total chlorine

19. Ammonium Chloride

20. Nitrate

21. Nitrite

22. Iodine

23. Hydrogen Peroxide

Bore Water Test Kit Strips Instruction

The 23 in 1 Bore Water Test Kit is easy to use and you get your results fast. To get your water quality results simply follow the test kit instructions below.

  • Simply open the package, remove one strip from the packaging and dip into water for a few seconds.
  • Remove and wait for 60 seconds holding the test strip horizontally. There is no need to remove excess water.
  • Once you have your water quality results appear, simply compare each parameter with the colour chart on the rear of the packaging to get your results.
  • Be mindful that pH test results are displayed on two lines.
  • If you find that the results are not up to scratch consult your local water quality specialist or local council for a solution.

General Product Information

  • When ready to test your water quality, remove the strip from the container and replace the cap tightly.
  • Store at room temperature and keep away from UV rays and to not expose the container to moisture.
  • Do not remove the test strip from the container unless you intend on using it.
  • Keep out of reach from children and refer to the packaging for the used by date.

More Bore Water Test Kit Information

Fore more information on the Bore 23 in 1 Water Test Kit Strips, visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page: Water Test Kit FAQ's

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