Lead Water Test Kit

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The Water Lead Test Kit is designed to be sensitive enough to meet extremely low levels of lead as per the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. Easy to use, single dip lead test strips, results in 60 seconds.

  • Australian Drinking Water Guidelines Sensitivity
  • Pack Quantity: 20 Test Strips
  • Lead Test Kit Instruction Sheet

Store this test kit in a cool, dry place. Exposure to sunlight and moisture will degrade the test pads.

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We use the latest technological advancements to provide you with an easy-to-use, Drinking Lead Water Test Kit that provides results within 60 seconds.


  1. 20 Lead Water Test Kit Strips
  2. Test Kit Instruction Sheet
  3. Test Kit Chart

Lead is a poisonous metal that can cause long-term health and behavioural problems. Drinking water contaminated with lead can cause serious health problems. There is no safe level of lead. Children under six years of age and pregnant women are at the highest risk.

Coming in contact with too much lead can damage the brain, kidneys, and nervous system. In children, lead can also slow development or cause learning, behaviour, and hearing problems.


Unlike most other test kits, the Lead Test Kit has been designed to detect low lead levels in drinking water.

  • 0.005mg/L = SAFE (5 ppb)
  • 0.015mg/L = SLIGHTLY OVER (15 ppb)
  • 0.030 mg/L = NOT SAFE (30 ppb)
  • 0.050 mg/L = NOT SAFE (50 ppb)

The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines have defined the ‘safe’ level of lead fit for consumption as 0.01 mg per litre. The figure was recently lowered from 0.05 mg per litre.


  1. Remove one strip from the bottle and replace the cap immediately. (strips must be sealed to protect humidity)
  2. While holding the strip from the opposite end of the test pad, immerse the reagent area (the test pad) of the strip in the water specimen or water stream and wait for 1-2 seconds.
  3. Tap off excess water and wait 60 seconds
  4. Hold the lead test strips vertically and raise the colour chart.
  5. Compare your results to the chart. Read the test results carefully in a well-lit area with the test pad held near the colour chart.
  6. Match the test strip colours with the corresponding colours on the chart and record your results.
  7. Changes in a colour that appear after 60 seconds are of no diagnostic significance.
  8. Discard used test strip

Store this test kit in a cool, dry place. Exposure to sunlight and moisture will degrade the test pads.

For more information on our Lead Water Test Kit, please refer to our FAQ page. Test Kit FAQ's

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