Well Water Testing, Why it’s Necessary

Public water systems are regulated by the local bodies of the region. However, regulation or testing of private water such as water sourced from wells does not come under the purview of the local bodies. Because of this it is important to ensure that the well water testing is done before being used for any purpose.

There are many types of water test kits on the market and among them well water test kits are the best ones to use.

Well Water Testing

Why is it Necessary to Test Well Water?

It is the responsibility of the well owner to ensure that their well water is safe to use. There are several reasons why testing assumes great importance; one of them being the possibility of it beingĀ  contamination through activities like floods, drilling, agricultural field activities, framing, rubbish dumping and so on.

Among the wide range of testing kitsĀ  available, selecting the right one forms the best treatment option. However, you should decide first whether testing can be done by yourself or if you need it done by licensed water testing laboratories.

Option of Certified Lab vs DIY Kits

If documentation with regard to testing results is required due to bank financing or if your residence is in close proximity to an industrial area then it is advisable to get your well water tested through a certified lab. It is also wise to have your well water tested once in at least every 12 months by a certified lab.

If your issue is with regard to the odor, taste, staining or sedimentation then you can use one of the many DIY testing kits available for the purpose. The main advantage of this form of testing is that results can be obtained immediately and the higher costs of lab testing are avoided.

Types of Well Water Testing

The basic form of testing which should be done is the analysis for general minerals which comprises testing for nitrate, general minerals, coliform bacteria and metals such as manganese and iron. This test indicates the reasons for sedimentation or staining of the well waters and also gives the cause for the funny odour if that is present to your well waters. Levels of salts and minerals will be disclosed too. As far as coliform bacteria is concerned some of its strains can sustain in the water and soil for greater periods of time and can reach well casings via insects. This is one of the commonest form of contaminants present in privately owned water systems.

Ascertaining for nitrate contamination is important as ingestion of nitrate containing waters can cause serious damage in infants as well as in pregnant women. If the well is located near a vegetable field or in area close to manufacture of fertilizers or a septic tank then the waters of the well have to undergo testing on a regular basis.

Well Water Testing Summary

There are many more tests such as herbicide, pesticide, organic compounds testing which need to be carried out if the location of your well demands them. Avail the best among the several testing kits and ensure that your well provides clean and safe drinking water.