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Keep your on top of your water quality with the Allora Water Test Kit Bundle. Easy to use, single dip test strips. Get test results within 60 seconds  to 10 minutes depending on the test type.

  • 14 in 1 Water Test Kit x 10
  • Lead Water Test Kit x 10
  • E coli Water Test Kit x 2
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Keep on top of your bore or well water quality with the Allora Water Test Kit Bundle.  Includes all that you need to test your water for all of the major contaminants including the following.

14 in 1 Water Test Kit

The 14 in 1 Water Test Kit provides you with an indication on what your bore water quality is like. This test kit is widely used for testing water quality sourced from bores, dams, tanks, city supplies and wells. The 14 parameters includes the following:

  • pH, Total Alkalinity, Nitrite, Residual Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Water Hardness, Bromine, Nitrate, Cyanuric Acid,  Lead, Iron, Copper, Fluoride and Chromium/Cr(VI)
  • Includes: 10 x Test Strips & Instructions

Drinking Water Lead Test Kit

Drinking Water Lead Test Kit has specifically been designed to be sensitive enough test extremely low levels of lead as per the Australian Drinking Guidelines of 0.01 mg per liter.

  • Lead Test Kit Range: 0.005mg/L to 0.050 mg/L
  • Includes 10 x Test Strips, Test Vial & Instructions

E coli Water Test Kit

The E coli Water Test Kit is most commonly used by those that source their water from untreated reserves such as bores, wells, dams, creeks or rain water tanks. E coli viruses are widely spread by Escherichia coli contamination from warm blooded animals which includes humans.

  • E coli Test Kit Range: 0.3 - 1.8 OD(600) / Negative & Positive Test
  • Includes 2 x Test Strips, Test Vial, Lysate Mixture, Suction Tube & Instructions

Fore more information on the Allora Bore Water Test Kit, visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page: Water Test Kit FAQ's

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